More than half of in-house lawyers back ChatGPTs use for legal work, study shows

Shutterstock Introduces Generative AI to its All-In-One Creative Platform

I’m a little worried about how artificial intelligence might affect students’ motivation, sense of identity, and intuition around knowledge production and consumption. We’ve developed a new policy to support the safe and ethical use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) at Westminster. Their cost-effective method enables filmmakers, production studios, and artists to partner with CGI specialists much earlier in the post-production process. Develop custom 3D pipelines and workflows connected to NVIDIA Picasso-based tools with the NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

Following US Debut, Google Unveils Generative AI-Powered Search In India And Japan – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MS – Benzinga

Following US Debut, Google Unveils Generative AI-Powered Search In India And Japan – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MS.

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Reuters said its applied innovation team built the features by “finely tuning machine learning models to consistently produce the highest quality automated analysis of Reuters video”. The upgrade, launching in October 2023, means that marketers can manage multi-market campaigns across addressable linear TV, connectedTV (CTV), and premium digital video ad inventory in a single buy for the first time. With the flexibility to transact via direct buys as well as programmatic, marketers can manage their multi-market, multi-screen video campaigns to drive incremental reach and activate their campaigns across the full purchase funnel. In partnership with FreeWheel, marketers now have access to global-to-local content from over 190 countries spanning Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

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OpenAI has secured a licence for access to additional Shutterstock training data and metadata. Shutterstock has also gained priority access to the latest OpenAI technology, and will continue to leverage DALL-E’s capabilities directly into The two will work in collaboration to bring generative-AI capabilities to mobile users through Shutterstock’s newly acquired GIPHY platform. This initiative was set up as an attempt to provide verifiable information regarding the veracity of digital images, such as whether a documentary photograph is effectively untouched from the moment of capture or whether it has been manipulated in post-production using AI tools or “deep fake” software. The initiative could also help visual artists specify whether any compositional elements in an artwork were generated entirely by AI, thus clarifying the copyright status of the artwork. Copyright laws vary from country to country, but in general existing copyright laws place restrictions on the use of copyrighted imagery while permitting some form of “fair use”, notably for non-commercial research purposes.

« NeRF technology will unlock the opportunity for Shutterstock’s community of video contributors to help build the world’s largest library of NeRF based content, from full environments to individual objects from around the world, » said Orgeron. « NeRF will revolutionize the way genrative ai we create 3D content, by utilizing the tool photographers and videos are already comfortable with—their cameras. » In 2023, it would seem ludicrous to state that a child could not use a calculator, word processor or search engine in a homework task or piece of coursework.

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UK regional publisher Newsquest hired its first “AI-powered” reporter in June with the remit to expand the use of AI tools, including to create local content. A number of other news publishers are said to be in discussions about similarly receiving payment for the use of their content in the training of AI tools. As South Korea’s leading web portal, Naver launched its own “metaverse” social media in 2018 with ZEPETO, which offers users a space to create digital avatars, meet and chat in different virtual worlds. Marketers get access to a unified supply of digital video inventory from over 100 leading broadcasters, 1,000 publishers and over 50 demand-side platforms including Sky Media, Talpa Network, TF1 Group, Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) and Omnicom Media Group. Intent Personas uses AI-led contextual targeting to segment audiences into key demographics such as parents, homeowners, or baby boomers and hone in on them using billions of data signals and real-world consumer panel data. Nano and The Old Vic theatre, in partnership with AKA UK, recently targeted parents using Intent Personas in their latest campaign for summer children’s show, Mog the Forgetful Cat.

shutterstock launches generative ai tool

As AI continues to rise in prominence, marketing and product innovators are moving beyond generic personalization based on demographics or location. But to achieve excellent personalization, companies need a clean and consistent data foundation. Additionally, the forthcoming GA launch of Flex Unify will natively surface Segment’s rich customer profile data to agents in real-time. With agents empowered to interact in a more personalized way, contact centers can increase customer lifetime value and boost sales conversions.

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Able to produce text and images, programme code, poetry, and artwork, Harvard Business Review said the software uses “complex machine-learning models to predict the next word based on previous word sequences, or the next image based on words describing previous images”. Generative AI is being hailed as the next era-defining technological innovation, changing how we create new content online or even experience the internet, and in the process sparking a Silicon Valley frenzy. With both Luma and RECON Labs’ 3Dpresso, Shutterstock intends to explore the rapidly developing field of NeRF technology using Shutterstock’s extensive, ethically sourced 2D/3D asset database and adding each companies’ existing 3D assets to Shutterstock’s platform, Turbosquid, for commercial licensing.

  • This initiative was set up as an attempt to provide verifiable information regarding the veracity of digital images, such as whether a documentary photograph is effectively untouched from the moment of capture or whether it has been manipulated in post-production using AI tools or “deep fake” software.
  • Accuracy issues were highlighted in a recent US legal case where a lawyer submitted a court filing that contained six ‘bogus’ judicial decisions that were completely fabricated by the generative AI tool the lawyer had used.
  • Develop custom 3D pipelines and workflows connected to NVIDIA Picasso-based tools with the NVIDIA Omniverse platform.
  • Essentially, even the best-designed systems only perform as well as the quality and diversity of the training data they receive.
  • Taboola has made its generative AI capabilities, which include creating copy and content for ads, available to all its advertisers who run campaigns in English.

For example, recently a group of artists sued Stable Diffusion and Midjourney for using their art to train their AI systems. Systems in use must be interoperable and enable the sharing of information and data with digital systems already in use across the NHS. This will enable a reduced workload for clinicians and will ultimately benefit clinicians and patients.

« Our generative 3D partnership with NVIDIA will power the next generation of 3D contributor tools, greatly reducing the time it takes to create beautifully textured and structured 3D models, » said Shutterstock CEO Paul Hennessy. For the past several months, there has been an ongoing debate on how generative AI tools will impact the creative industries. When OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a generative AI tool that can create content based on a user’s prompt, it garnered over a million users in only 5 days. Just last week Microsoft announced that it’s extending its partnership with OpenAI, further investing a rumoured $10 billion to the company and incorporating various OpenAI tools into its own products. This Volinga network would add to Shutterstock’s existing network of more than two million artists and creators around the world who contribute to the Shutterstock library of ethically-sourced, licensable 2D, 3D, video and audio content. Shutterstock has also entered into an agreement with Volinga AI to explore licensing and distribution of NVOL files.

Students already have access to tools that can write for them, improve their writing, perform literature searches, summarise arguments, provide basic critical analysis, create slide decks, and take the role of a tutor. With the right subscription, you can even get a bot to go online to try to accomplish long lists of automated tasks to achieve all manner of projects. Sign up to be notified when you can get started with optimizing and deploying your models–or customizing NVIDIA AI Foundations models using your data– for content generation. In May, Microsoft committed to watermarking its images using cryptographic methods, while Shutterstock and Midjourney are to embed markers indicating AI generated content.

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This collaboration will bring Exaone (LG’s AI image generation model) as well as Exaone Atelier (a creative AI toolkit) and AI-based image captioning to the global market. Stock content provider and creative suite Shutterstock is the latest company in its field to offer customers a legal indemnity against suits related to AI-generated images created and licensed on its platform. Since its launch, the Adobe-led CAI has worked with industry leaders, media and tech organizations, policymakers, academics and others to increase trust and transparency in digital content. It is actively working across its membership community to ensure that technical innovations are built on ethical foundations. This integration will provide Shutterstock customers with synthetic editing capabilities, allowing them to edit and transform any image in the entire Shutterstock library.

This newest development by Google therefore is a leap in the right direction, especially in a domain as influential as images. For example, in May of this year, an AI-generated image of an explosion at The Pentagon – the United States’ Department of Defence headquarters – went viral on X, causing a dip in the stock market and anxiety around the country’s national security. The TalentGPT platform utilises Beamery’s own artificial intelligence (AI), as well as Open AI’s ChatGPT-4 and other natural language processing models. Segment has always brought data together in unified profiles, but, in addition to real-time consumer profiles, many organizations have business data sets (containing information like company accounts, subscriptions, products, households, and more) sitting in their data warehouse.

shutterstock launches generative ai tool

However, if we want to unlock the full potential of these tech solutions, we need to ensure that this new hardware is supported by the right software. As part of its responsible AI focus and in correlation with sales of the customized 3D models on Shutterstock’s platform, Shutterstock will compensate artists through its Contributor Fund for the role their IP plays in training the generative technology. When the models are introduced in the coming months on, the new NVIDIA-powered generative AI capabilities will be the latest addition to Creative Flow, an extensive toolkit designed to power the most seamless creative experience possible. The text-to-3D features will also be offered on and is planned to be introduced on the NVIDIA Omniverse™ platform for building and operating 3D industrial metaverse applications.